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Pachacamac Pre Incan Site


27kms south of Lima, adventurers can explore a famous temple built in honor of a powerful figure considered amongst gods and worshiped during the Pre Incan era. Considered a God by the Incas and accredited as the creator of their own God, Inti (the sun). Formerly, the most important religious place found in the central coasts of Peru, that still mantains temples dating from four different periods.


We will pick ug from hotel, to drive south the Pan-American highway all the way to this complex, on the way, you will see how big Lima became after a migration of people from the country side. Once in Pachacamac, you will see the museum where you will see the oracle, then by car, visit the most important temples. 


Start time: 09:00am. (Everyday but mondays)

Duration: 4hrs.


* Transportation will be by car or van depending on number of people.
* If you have any other dietary restriction, please let us know at your booking.