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Caral The Oldest Civilization in America


Caral, located 182kms., north of Lima is an ancient site approximately 5000 years old. This, scientifically proven fact has given Caral, the title of The Oldest Civilization in America, as well as The Sacred City, since there were many fireplaces found in different sections excavated. According to archeologists, food and other objects were burned as offerings which indicates the first examples of using religion as a confirmation of the new state and central government.


Early pick up from your hotel and drive directly to Caral. We will make few Must Stops on the way. Upon arrival, our local guide (only in spanish). We will take you around the site for approximately 2 hours. The scenary is a beautiful combination of green valleys and desert. Our Best Bite Peru guide will be your translator in Caral and your host for the whole excursion. Later on, we will find one of our favorite restaurants in Huacho town to have lunch before heading back to Lima. 


Confortable shoes and cloth, sunscreen, hat or cap, sunnies or sunglasses, something to read along the way or music, and the most important, your camera.


Start time: 6am about

Duration: 10hrs.

Experience is provided in Private Service in comfortable car or vans.


A Snack is provided for the journey.

Lunch are Not Included.