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Lima Cooking Class


Like many other countries, Peru have been influenced by immigrants in their culture and also in their cuisine. Influences to Peruvian Gastronomy we will include, techinques and ingredients from  indigeneus, Spanish, Africans, Chineses, Japaneses, Italians, Arabics. Not only is the cuisine influenced by these groups of immigrants, it is also influenced by the multiple climates found throughtout Peru, in a very unique way, 90 different microclimates in the amazing Andes Mountais plus the abundant Rainforest, locates Peru, in the top 5 most biological diverse countries in the world.


In this tour you will share an amazing time with your expert Food Lover and guide throught the market, tasting some of the most Peruvian fruits like, Chirimoya, Tumbo, Pacay. You will also learn about the different kinds of fish and if you are adventourist enough, try a classic peruvian soup. 

After the Market Visit we will go to our Guest House,  we will start making our Classic Peruvian Pisco Sour. After cutting some limes, some chilies and our fish, our Ceviche will be ready to be enjoyed. After mashing some potatoes, cutting our chicken, we will enjoy another classic Peruvian dish, Causa a la Limeña, 

We guarantee, that with us, you will finsh more than satisfied.


Start time: 10:00am. (Everyday)

Duration: 4hrs.


A Pisco Sour drink

Tasting of different fruits at Local Market

Ceviche and Causa preparation and your lunch 


* "Vegeterians" will have a different option than fish and Chicken in their dishes.
* "Non-Alcoholic" people will have Lemonade.
* Water is provided during the cooking class.
* Transportation will be by car, van or bus depending on number of people.
* If you have any other dietary restriction, please let us know at your booking.