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Artisan Fishierman and Ceviche Experience


This is a tour designed for travellers who wish to scratch a little more under the surface of the city, to get an idea of Lima local fishermans work. The peruvian tradition of producing ceramics, textiles is moved to the fishing. You will learn from the same fishermans about their journal of work, the times of work, the set up of tne fishing nets and will try to catch some fish with the help of your local guide. Keep going with the activity preparing a traditional ceviche on the boat. definetly an experience worth trying. The Peruvian tradition of drinking Pisco is not only with Pisco Sour, what most people drinks in LIma is the Chilcano cocktail. So, finally participate in the elaboration of your cocktail and learn how to make a gourmet ceviche in one of our signature chosen restaurants.


start the activity at 9:30am on the way to the port, this is a local port south Miraflores, the district is call Chorrillos, jump in the boat of one of the fishermans and deep inside the shore, learn about hardwork of these people, participate in preparation of the fishing net, or try to catch some fish with fishing line. The activity keeps going in Barranco, as a participative experience, you will learn to prepare most drunken cocktail in LIma, a Chilcano, them from the same chef, learn how to make Ceviche.


Comfortable shoes and cloth, sunscreen, hat or cap, sunnies or sunglasses, camera.


Start time: 9:30am

Duration: 5hrs about.


Local tapa with fisherman in his boat.

Preparation and tasting of Chilcano cocktail.

Demonstrative class of Ceviche and tasting.

An English speaking guide for the experience.


Transportation is included in comfortable car, van. 

We will introduce you to peruvian artisan fishing, food and drinks. We hope you can STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE trying new different activitieslike this one..



* 2 travellers minimun for booking.