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Ica Experience. Ballestas & Huacachina. Full Day


Ballestas islands are a group of rocky islands located off the pacific coast of Peru near the town of Paracas, a national reserve. Nicknamed  as The poor man Galapagos the islands are a must-see for all wildlife lovers as they are home to thousands of birds and mammals including penguins, sea lions, inca terns, pelicans, dolphins. Huacachina Oasis located 4 hours south of Lima is the perfect way to keep going after ballestas. Huacachina is South America s only desert oasis. In the middle of the largest sand dunes in South America, activities like sandboarding and buggies are a must. 


The experience starts at 3:45am with pick up from your hotel. We will travel along the panamerican highway south of Lima. At arrival, is time to have breakfast so an american breakfast before jumping on the boat. The boat ride takes 2 hours, be ready for good shots. the adventure keeps going south to Huacachina Oasis, on the way we will stop at a Pisco Factory to taste and learn all varieties of Piscos and wines. 10 minutes after at Ica Huacachina Oasis, be ready to jump a really cool activity, the buggies and sandboarding. We recommend to do it the safest way possible. but if you feel like not doint it, stlill the adventure of the buggis is like in a rollercoster. Have time for lunch after, use the pool in our special place for lunch, explore the surroundings of the oasis and time to get back to Lima. Drop off at your hotel by 7pm


Comfortable shoes and cloth, sunscreen, hat or cap, sunnies or sunglasses, camera.

For the Huacachina oasis sandboarding and buggies, not recommendable to use sandals, preferable trainers or light shoes.


Start time: 3:45am

Duration: 16hrs about.


Breakfast in American standart.

Entrances and fees at the Ballestas island tour.

Entrances and fees at the Huacachina sandboarding and buggies. One sandboard to ride.

Guide for the complete journey.


Transportation is included in comfortable car, van or bus depending the number of people.

Lunch is not included but our Bite Peru guide will assist you on your order.



If there is more than 1 person the price of the tour comes down. (Ask for price for more than 1 travellers

* Also ask for our prices travelling by tourist bus having Reps in every destination.