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Nazca Lines flight from Lima. Full Day


In the arid coastal plains of southern Peru lies a mystery that has baffled scientists and archeologists for almost a century. Etched out of the sand by ancient indigenous people for reasons chich are still largerly unknown, the purpose of the Nazca Lines has spawned countless theories since their discovery some 80 years ago. Located 450km south of Lima, this is a full day activity that worth to visit.


The tours starts at 4am in the morning. travelling for amost 7 hours we will make a stop in the tower, a viewpoint tower, where we will explain you about one of the different theroies of how the Nazca Lines were made. Half an hour later we will arrive straigh to the airport where your flight will be waiting for you. ready to fly the Nazca Lines. we recomment to do it the lightest possible and get your camera ready to take good shots. After your flight and a little time to relax and shopping, we will suggest you a good point for lunch in town. Have some walk around Nazca town and we will be head back to Lima. Arrival to your hotel will be at about 11pm.


Comfortable shoes and cloth, sunscreen, hat or cap, sunnies or sunglasses, camera.


Start time: 4:00am 

Duration: 19hrs about


Breakfast box including fruits, water, sandwichd, juice.

Flight over the Nazca Lines.

Tolls and fees at the airport

Guide for the complete journey.


Transportation is included in comfortable car, van or bus depending the number of people.

In case of vegeterian, please let us know at the time of booking.



If there is more than 1 person the price of the tour comes down. (Ask for price for more than 1 travellers

* Also ask for our prices travelling by tourist bus having Reps in every destination.